In simple terms, our clients get results; including greater freedom, resilience, creativity, peace of mind and well-being – all through our simple, logical, and principled-based programmes focused on the understanding of the human mind known as the Three Principles or Innate Health.

There are several different programme formats available:

Private Consultations

Intensives and One To Ones


Group Classes

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Speaker Seminars

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What are the Three Principles?

The Three Principles is an understanding of Mind and the human experience. It points people towards a place of quiet, connection and wisdom. It is not therapy and it is not counseling. First and foremost it is a learning experience. We teach how all human beings function psychologically and our goal is that you see how the ideas play out in your own life. We find that when clients catch on to this understanding, they come away with a newfound sense of wellbeing, a deeper sense of spiritual connection and a great deal more perspective on life and its challenges.

The Three Principles are not a new idea, or theory; nor are they a model or paradigm; they’ve been here since the beginning of time and will be here till the end of time. They point us to look behind the seine of the human experience, its points to before form and helps us understand better what we see in form.

Sydney Banks, the founder of this understanding, was gifted with insights which he then generously shared; he was mainly pointing to something that every human being already knows; something that has been here all along but that we somehow, at times, lose track of. He brought the understanding to the world in a way that he was able to make it tangible and relatable, so we have something to fall back on during difficult times. His understanding helps create an invisible, but incredibly solid, platform, from which human beings can ‘do’ life more gracefully, more resiliently and more peacefully.

Syd talked to what we call the inside out nature of life. He explained the role that thought has in our lives and the role it plays in connection with feeling. He talked to our true nature and the fact that we are spiritual beings, who are experiencing life through thought. He points us to a greater resource, to greater mind, what we might know as God; towards our strengths and abilities. He showed how it is that some of us, at times, seem to be stronger and more resourceful and at times weaker and more limited. He talked to the invisible, yet so powerful, system that we are all, moment to moment, knowingly or not, taking part in though the mere act of being alive.

It is helpful, impactful, consistent, reliable, relatable and extremely hopeful and helpful.