Our most effective and popular programme is a personalised one to one ‘Intensive’ lasting 3½ days. Ironically the Intensive experience is anything but! Its design focuses around a relaxing learning experience outside of the stresses of day-to-day life. This allows an individual to get a clear understanding of the simple, logical, principle-based understanding of the mind known as the Three Principles or Innate Health. The focused time spent during this programme allows for greater depth of understanding than a course of hourly One to Ones.


Anyone can and does benefit from an Intensive. Whether the client wants to reduce struggle or suffering, or to find more connection and happiness in life. The goal is to assist each individual find more ease and contentment by gaining a healthy independence in their own cognitive functioning.


Prior to meeting for the main Intensive, an intake call or meeting is held. This allows the client to discuss freely what they are looking for in detail. It is also an opportunity for the Practitioner to get a clear picture of how the main sessions can be directed.

The main 3½ day programme itself consists of two one to one meetings each day averaging 1½ – 2 hours each meeting. In between there are breaks that allow further time for reflection. These are specifically designed to allow for review and insight, enabling the individual to gain further understanding. Even though it may appear like ‘free time’, we strongly urge individuals have no other commitments and to keep their schedule as free as possible to allow for this quiet reflection time.

Each session consists of an unique interactive learning discussion that is tailored to the clients needs. Supporting materials are provided and the individual may be asked to listen or watch them overnight or in between or during sessions.

Following the main programme, two  follow up meetings or calls are included to assist the clients progress. At that time, further potential follow up will be discussed, according to the needs of the individual.

Wishing you an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

How do we sign up?

The cost of the programme is £1500 – £2000 inclusive of all sessions, recording and reading materials.
To sign up or for more details, questions or enquiries please contact us using the following form.