Who is this for?

A private 6 week learning experience, suitable for all couples who are looking to find more connection and happiness or simply just enhance their relationship. The goal of this bespoke programme is to help each individual work well together in their relationship through gaining an independence in their own healthy cognitive functioning.

What is it?

We create a tailored experience for each couple that opens a dialogue / conversation against a backdrop of their relationship. The programme develops and evolves to explore together the human psychological experience behind life. An understanding known as the Three Principles.

The Principles are not changed by circumstance and therefore are universally helpful, but working live with a practitioner enables each individual to move the ideas in a direction that is helpful for them in their relationship IN REAL TIME. We see that working direct with people enables lasting insight, which in turn can lead to positive relationship changes in a deep and lasting way.

How does it work?

Over the six weeks, you and your practitioner will meet for a total of ninety minutes weekly (either together or separately). Our experience shows that a six-session package is more effective than leaving it open-ended. During the six weeks, we minimally aim to cover the following:

How our minds work
Understanding what is behind the human experience
Seeing beyond expectations
The Importance of the feeling we live in and what lies behind it
Exploring better listening
Moods and getting over them

We will also recommend ‘homework’ materials for you to listen to and some books to read over the course duration so that you can self-learn to complement the sessions spent together.

How do we sign up?

The cost of the programme is £780 inclusive of the 6 x 90 minute sessions, recording and reading materials.
To sign up or for more details, questions or enquiries please contact us clicking here: